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Diana is Goddess of the Wilderness, Wild Animals and the Moon.


Her voice slips through the energy of these potent blue apatite stones.

Apatite is composed of phophate, the mineral that makes up teeth, bones, antler, horns and tusks.


Since consciousness can communicate with consciousness, this is how our systems works together to communicate and function to their optimum. But, in this same sense, this is how our thoughts engage with everything around us. If we listen. If we choose to engage. If we respect, and choose to interact, we will receive guidance and communication from our surroundings, particularly the animal world.


So this is Diana’s message. We are ALL here to function in harmony together. The land, the water, the animals, the people.


If that knowing and deep respect stirs within your belly, Diana beckons you to connect with her.


The blue apatite also supports psychic perception, enhances access to Akashic Records, and is an excellent dream stone. It wants you to connect to your Power and deep inner Wisdom.


This necklace is for the Goddess who is ready to, or currently does have a deep practice in connecting with the animal world and their guidance.

The raw cut Moonstone adds an additional element of magic to this piece




  • Blue Apatite, Larimar, Moonstone, Mother of Pearl

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