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A Mountain Nymph


Echo was punished by Hera, and had her voice taken away.


Consider Echo’s presence in these stones as the deity whose presence and reflection shows in the beauty of the shallow ripples of a vital mountain stream. The dancing light that skips over each ripple, opening us to the mysteries of the world.


Or the Goddess who in her power makes her stature known as the bone deep voice of the wind as it blows with wisdom through the trees, high up in the mountain. Reminding us the feeling tone of being alive in such a grand world.


Her persona is just that, resonant through the Echo of her being as she dances through her homeland, wild and free.


A mountain nymph.


These larimar beads are powerful healing stones, that of the healer. Let Echo join you in your daily presence, as the ripples of a mountain stream are echoed in the larimar stones of the necklace, and of the clear blue sky above you!


Mantra: My presence is never silenced. I am powerful and free.




$55.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price
  • Ocean Jasper raw cut slab, African Turqoise, Larimar, hematite, ocean jasper beads

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