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This carries the message of Emergent Energy; feelings of Light, of Grounded Expansion!!!


You know that feeling?! And how delicious it is to know things are aligning and the Universe is literally rolling out the red carpet!!!


It’s delicious because it allows you to anchor into a delicious tone of Trust, and you open even more fully into receiving allll that’s coming!


The Goddess whose energy thrives within these stones is ~Habondia~, she is the Deity of the Harvest.


Habondia creates abundance to the crops and fields. She is “infinitely generous” (as is the energy of the Universe) and sparks growth into all areas of you life!


Partner with Habondia; live in Trust, in Faith! You are being delivered infinite abundance.


You are supported. And so the cycle follows, as you are supported you are abundantly supporting others!


Live in this dimension! Imagine the world you are creating!


~With infinite love~


$60.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
  • Chrysoprase, clear quartz, gold titanium quartz, black obsidian

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