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Brigid ~ The Celtic Goddess of Home and Hearth


The Goddess who cares for the home, who seeks joy and splendour in stoking the fires through the night. Brigid is said to protect homes from fire.


This necklace connects to the fuel of the fire, the steady, sturdy, stable logs, of the Earth. For the goddess who is grounded by her home temple, by nature’s temple.


Yet notice the angel aura quartz and the whimsical tones of colour in the rainbow aura quartz.


This necklace is for the woman who is also fueled by the energy of fire. The Goddess whose soul dances, twirls and swirls while gazing into the magic of the flames The Goddess whose soul and passion catches like kindling by the magic and beauty that is always ever present.


Feel Brígid stir the hearth of your heart and soul.


  • copper, quartz

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