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The richness of the chatoyancy (fun word for the day ) of this Tiger’s Eye is HYPNOTIZING!


The voice of Hecate is coming through with this piece.


Tiger’s Eye is a ‘feel good’ stone or the ‘go for it’ energy and Hecate, The Goddess of the Crossroads or Goddess of Intuition assists Intuition, highlights gut feelings, expands your awareness...all paralleling the energy of these stones!


If you currently feel like you are in a phase of transition; either birthing life or a creative beginning, or have that internal draw nudging you that where you are does not fulfil or interest you anymore...your internal powers and wisdom, amplified or mirrored by this necklace will guide you into the next phase!


How freaking exciting!


Mantra: Whatcha got in store for me Universe?!?!


Follow your gut intuition!!!

Hecate 2.0

  • tigers eye, titanium quartz, angel aura quartz

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