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Heiros Gamos is back!


Violet Titanium Quartz, dripping with rich, luscious and majestic energies.


These stones emanate Divine connection, this necklace particularly channels the Goddess Inanna who was worshipped for re-creating the HEIROS GAMOS, the sacred marriage between the divine feminine and the divine masculine.


Not only does this necklace connect to Inanna, but also with Enheduanna, her human embodiment; the first High Priestess. (Also the first known author in all of human history!)


As you wear this necklace may you embody their ancient power. Feel the holy union of the light and the dark, of the human and the divine. With grace and integrity, and complete vulnerability, merge with the darkness, and birth it in a way of bliss.


In this way, holding the hands of all Goddesses willing to Rise with you.

Heiros Gamos 2.0

$40.00 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price
  • Violet aura quartz

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