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Goddess of the Day!


Every day, Hemera would raise the dark veil of night that her mother Nyx would cast, and she would bring forth the brilliant heavenly blue hue of the Aether.


Aether, her husband, is Heavenly Light, and it’s so beautiful to see this balanced union of the Divine Feminine unveiling the radiance of her Masculine Beloved.


Hemera is a beautiful representation of the ancient lineage of Divine Feminine whose purpose is to be here on Earth to bring forth the Blue Ray. These women are here to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia.


The Blue Ray represents the Light of Creation, and many of us are anchoring in and activating this Loving Light template for the reawakening and Great Shift in the evolution of humanity, and Gaia.

If Hemera calls to you, if your purpose is the loving co-creation of Masculine & Feminine union, and to amplify Creation and the vibration of Gaia, this one may be for you!


These raw cut Aquamarine crystals are truly an embodiment of Heavenly Light and the abundant Blue expanse of the Sky, and activated by the light templates of the Sun.


She cries: Freedom, Expansion, Elevation


  • Aquamarine

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