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The Bleeding Goddess


Kamakhya, literally translating to ‘sexual desire’. She is a goddess of the yoni.

The yoni, the mythical womb. The place of all creation. The space where balanced union with Masculine Source energy can give life force to ANY creation.


Kamakhya.  The Creator!


Enter the temple of the womb, the depths of the inner sanctum, peel back the petals of Possibility and unveil Divine Mysteries of the Universe.

Kamakhya is the woman who is in touch with her sexuality, with fertile fields of possibility.


This piece speaks of the juiciness and pleasure of life! The fun and sexiness of Creation


Another necklace that is symbolic of the womb. In it, see the layers of the womb; creating, shedding, birthing, re-birthing


Stones: Agate, Garnet, Jasper Mookaite


  • Agate, Garnet, Jasper Mookaite

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