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This necklace sings all the vibes of a Lemurian Goddess.


Picture days when society was established around creative expression. Women, in sacred sisterhood, walking the golden beachline; dancing, twirling, singing, playing, energy purely alive.


Golden hues light the atmosphere and the flow of life, ocean life, emulates these RADIANT, glowing, sapphire blue and emerald hues of this necklace. (Imagine jungle beach vibes of Hawaii/Costa Rica)


When creative expression was the business of life, Love was the relationships, singing and songs echoed the breeze...


These blue titanium quartz are symbolic of the artist archetype; the expressionist, the Creatrix! The rainbow quartz amplifies your life force, your Vitality! And the angel aura connects you to your Divinity and source energy.

Lemurian Goddess 2.0

  • Rainbow titanium quartz, blue titanium quartz, amethyst, titanium quartz

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