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~Mary Magdalene~

(2nd in Series)


Mary Magdalene, a Divine feminine idol of our history; the Beloved equal to her partner, Yeshua.


A healer, working with the medicine of Love, our Sacred Heart.


This necklace represents the Golden heart, the High Heart, activating the space above our traditional Heart. Sidled with pink aura quartz, representing the tender love of the Heart.


Here lies the Divine Union of the Feminine & Masculine, the micro as the macro, our inner union...representing our outer Union.


This space directly activated by our Earth Star and Solar Star Chakra


~The necklace exemplifies the Divine Love of Earth; All renewable & infinite, and residing ALWAYS at the Heart Chakra.~


She awaits her Divine Union with her Divine Feminine match

Mary Magdalene: Two

  • Citrine slab, pink aura quartz, gold titanium quartz, raw citrine, tiger's eye

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