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Mother Goddess


Matronae may show up at times in your life when you are perhaps detached from your Feminine side.


She is there to remind you to embrace all parts of you! She may show up in times of overwhelm; when you are caught up in roles as Mother, Partner, Teacher...any role! (And she is here to help you come back to YOU! To remind you of your medicine, so you can bear witness to the Divinity of your workings!


Her presence and support is to reignite your passion and magical workings!


She may sweep in to connect with you during repetitive tasks like washing dishes, laundry, tidying.


Her presence is to remind you of the multi faceted Being that you are!


MANTRA: I am a multidimensional being, and Divinity lies among ALL of my actions.




~My medicine is my wisdom!~


  • Rainbow Aura Quartz, mixed titanium quartz, jasper mookaite, hematite

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