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Raising the flames from Earth to the heavens, connecting and elevating our knowledge with the wisdom of spirit (and the cosmos).

In mythology, Minerva stole the flames (knowledge) from Olympus to deliver to man so that they may too expand from a primitive nature to the wisdom of the Gods.


Minerva is the Goddess of Wisdom, creativity, schooling and careers.

These fiery stones of titanium quartz (with beautiful flashes of their inner clear quartz) match the frequency of this Divine message.


As you embody this knowledge, wisdom, knowing, let this necklace anchor it’s power into your embodiment!


Also honouring her power to raise the evolution of the sacred masculine AND divine feminine.


She’s a powerful force connecting the wisdom of Earth and the Cosmos!


  • rainbow aura quartz, angel aura quartz, howlite, black onyx

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