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Powerful. To sum it up in one word.


In Sumerian mythology, she gave birth to An (Sky Father) and Ki (Earth Mother) and the first Gods who represent Apsu (the fresh water ocean that lays beneath the Earth, as the Source of Life).


It is Nammu who has the idea of creating Mankind, and as the Goddess who gave birth to the Gods, with their community, their support and help, she has the capacity to create humans in the image of Gods.


And so it is.


Don this necklace and feel the energy of that lineage, but also that knowing of the Human as Divine.


~We are made in the image of Gods~


The Chrysoprase stones activate the Heart chakra, amplifying Love and Truth.


You are Creator. You are Source. You are Wisdom. You are Goddess.


If you connect with energy of Nammu, this necklace is your match.


Stones: Chrysoprase, Larimar, Tiger’s Eye, raw cut Citrine

The photos show the front and back of the stones; reversible!



$60.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
  • Crysoprase, Larimar, Tiger's Eye, Citrine

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