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Goddess Awakening Female Mysticism


Maiden Wife to God of the Moon, she assertains their union with the benefit of the lands, the wild and its creatures in mind.

She is mother of the Sun God, and High Priestess Inanna. Ningal herself represents fertility.


She also represents dreams and vision! Her mystic powers said to lay in the power of fostering dreams and birthing them to reality!

In this sense, she represents the mysticism of our intuition, and with the necklace, she calls upon you to tap into yours!


Inside each of us lies a place beyond all time and physical reality, where all our dreams and visions lay waiting for us.


This place is our spiritual gateway, our intuition, our sacred knowledge.

Here lies your Power, your sacred female mysticism.


Mantra: I am a dreamer, a weaver of belief into reality.

I am a mystic here for the greatest good of the land and all wild hearts


~With Love~





  • Stones: Green Ocean Jasper slab, green titanium quartz, Green African Turquoise, Ruby in Zoisite, gold hematite

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