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Made as a special order; each necklace is it's own unique energy!


This one whispered Ophelia!


God of Water, the soul of the sacred river. I thought this would channel something galactic for sure, but the cool green colours and metallics totally scream ‘river’!


Ophelia, in mythology, splits open her body to release all the waters contained within to feed the New Earth .


Energetically, she teaches us to go with the flow, to embrace our emotions, urges, desires as they arrive and to truly embrace them intimately.


Ophelia refuses to deny her passions, and she emanates this message to you. Be TRUE.


Nothing needs to be concealed. Your beauty is in your flow; embracing every trickle, stream, flood, or rapid down your river of life

If she speaks to your soul, send me a message. She awaits her home

Ophelia 2.0

  •  Clear quartz, titanium quartz, angel aura quartz

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