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This necklace is of the stars and galaxies.


With that message came the energy of Ourania, translated as Heavenly One, also the Goddess of Astronomy.


She is one of the nine Muses assigned with different artistic assignments, and hers was to astronomy or astrological writings.


Can I have that assignment please?! Who else is with me?!


The Muses were said to be adorned with a violet crown, some even say violet haired.


No mistake with the energy of this necklace, you will feel the peace of stargazing, feel the expanse of all your possibilities, and all the wonder that hides in the mystery of the galaxies.


If you feel deeply connected to the grandeur of the stars and galaxies, you may be the match for this one!


  • Rainbow Aura Quartz, Amethyst, Titanium Quartz

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