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The Goddess of Peace


The daughter of Justice and Jupiter.


The Mother of infant Plutous, Wealth.


We are currently on the brink of the emergence of a new era, as we usher in, as conscious leaders of Gaia, The Age of Aquarius in Air; when our manifestations will be born out of thin air.


One phenomenon to witness is the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter, creating the Star of Bethlehem on Dec. 21st.


A new perspective on life will emerge.


One of Peace, Unity, Equanimity.


ou will see this balance play out in so many areas of experience; relationships, families, education, financial systems, health care systems, and technology.


Pax ushers in this time with Peace.


With her motherly nurturing, she fosters the birth of an new structure, recognized as Wealth.


Again, to be witnessed in all dimensions, as abundance.


Abundance for ALL.


Abundance in finances, in nature, in opportunities, in creation, with relationships.


Wealth. Our absolute birth right. Born through Justice, and brought forth through Peace.


Pax awaits her energetic match


  • Clear Quartz

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