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These rose quartz crystals feel like being immersed in a cloud of love, like being wrapped in a sweet embrace of Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion.


She is best known as the Goddess of Compassion Embodied, but also as the Goddess of Mercy, who people all around the world call her name during times of Fear, Grief and Despair. Her energy like that of the Mother protecting her children, never questioning their integrity, but there to protect.


The energy of this necklace mimics this similar vibration; these stones resonate with beauty, motherly wisdom and tenderness and will inspire you to act in kindness, to help, protect and nurture in whatever way you can.


Guiding Question: How can I best be of service today?


This ones message came through with potency, she is magnetizing her home. Don’t hesitate if you feel this one’s meant for you.  She awaits your compassionate home temple.

Quan Yin

  • Rose quartz, gold titanium quartz, white mother of pearl

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