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Queen, your thoughts are poignant and powerful.

Your actions are pivotal. In history they always have been, and now in this time of evolution, so it is!

Your Heart is potent, full of love, compassion, and bliss.

Your Soul, knows it’s royal Purpose, and so your world aligns.


The Central Quartz is woven with mystic cords, a matrix of Divinity, inner veins carrying strength, courage, your deep connection to the Divine outcome.

Angel Aura Quartz connects you to the cosmos, the sacred energy that’s you were born to

Pyrite offers protection against negative energies, imagine a golden protective orb

Amethyst adds another burst of Divine energy.

Labradorite connects your energy more deeply to the mystical and speaks to your immense capacity of transience and flow.


SKU: 126351351935
  • Quartz, labradorite, pyrite, angel aura quartz

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