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An Egyptian Cobra Goddess whose gaze could destroy her enemies.


She was not feared, though, for she offered deep protection to those in her Kingdom.


She is also known as the Goddess of Good Fortune, for she was a healer.


She was also known, at every childbirth, to divulge a secret name to every child, and would offer them Mother’s Milk.


A nurturer by nature. Known as a protector. Imbued with, and honoured for her deep mystical powers.


If her voice calls to you through the potent and ancient energies of these stones, she may be your match.


Everything emanating from her oozes Royalty, Regal and Divine Power.

She awaits her potent Queen.


$65.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
  • Jasper, Zoisite with ruby, hematite

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