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The Goddess of Intuition, Wisdom & Creativity


She also represents knowledge and learning of any creative form; art, music and skills.


Her name means “flowing one”, and she calls to you, the one who embodies Divine Feminine Flow. That expressive woman who can dance with Grace through the Chaos & Beauty of Life. Making it your own beautiful playground.


You are the flash of insight, moment of instinctual knowing, the deep wisdom that lies within the core of your bones, within the cells of your being!


You are Goddess, Mother, Sister, Friend, are Saraswati!


Mantra: I stand in all my Power & Wisdom as Eternal Creatress.


$50.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
  • Gold Titanium Quartz, Aqua aura quartz, Kyanite, hematite

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