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~The Milky Way~

As of late, I’ve been doing a lot of star gazing. I get lost staring into the Milky Way. Did you know that the Milky Way is the galaxy that our solar system resides in?


As I gaze up at it, and all the stars that seem to be wrapped up in it, or perhaps on the other side of it, I wonder...who on the other side is staring up at me? Wondering themselves, “who from THAT star is gazing up at me?”


Hera is the Greek Goddess who created the Milky Way. (This story holds all the hold on).


Hera’s husband Zeus conceives a child with another Goddess. Hera declares to the midwives, that this Goddess mustn’t birth this child.

This isn’t the will of the God’s, and the child is born. Hera hears of this and decides the child must be left to exposure , but again...this isn’t the will of the God’s.


Athena rescues the child, knowing Hera’s plan. But slyly she runs to Hera, to tell of the child she stumbled upon in a field.


At this point, the motherly instinct of Hera kicks in, and she brings the child to her breast to nurse. In the infinite beauty of a child suckling, receiving the abundance of a mother’s milk, and as the child gains it’s strength, Hera is tenderly nipped, and she pulls the child off, sending her milk spraying into the cosmos....and there you have the Milky Way.


The child is returned to the care of his parents, and Hera embraces the will of the God’s.


All rolls out exactly as it is meant to.


Release control.


Gaze into the cosmos.


Observe all the possibilities.


Be filled with Love. Light. Life.


~In this necklace, feel the power of The Milky Way, the galaxy, the stars...and let that expansiveness fill your heart. Perhaps in the same way the love of your Beloved would. Or the way the love of a mother for her children does.~


Infinite. And endless.

The Milky Way

  • Ocean Jasper slab, gold titanium quartz, green titanium quartz, raw cut citrine, tiger’s eye

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