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The Rainbow Warrior holds a deep knowing of a prophecy and vision for the Golden Age we are coming into.


They are instrumental in bridging us from old belief systems to a New Vision where we are connected, and THRIVE, from the Heart. Where life as we knew it, lights up in absolute abundance, just as a Rainbow does, when struck by Light.


The Rainbow Warrior will do just that, lead us to the life of Light Beings.


~At a time when the Earth is ravaged, when animals and people are dying, the Rainbow Warriors will appear, from all across the globe, and come together, connected through Love, Compassion, and Belief, to make the Earth GREEN again. To activate our Green Heart chakra.


And we will ALL FLOURISH.




This piece cannot wait to find it’s powerful companion. Magic will be alight.

The Rainbow Warrior

$55.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
  • Gold Titanium Quartz, raw citrine, tiger's eye

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