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These are extended versions of the original Grace (or Charites). Somewhat simplified, raw stones that exude richness...just like you, the raw human exuding your rich expressions and songs to the Universe.


These are 3 separate necklaces, just like the Three Graces: who are Goddesses of Grace, Beauty, Joy, Festivity, Dance and Song


If you are a Goddess who embraces your Divine Feminity, your sacred sisterhood, your creative expression and the JOY it evokes, these may be the perfect talisman for you. Which of the 3 calls to you? Or perfect for a group of magical Sisters


The citrine stones & rainbow aura quartz are both full of magic, sparkle and abundance.

Three Graces

$45.00 Regular Price
$31.50Sale Price
  • citrine, rainbow aura quartz

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