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Goddess of the Ocean


She is another Mother Goddess harbouring family, love, fertility...and the feeling tone of Home


She teaches us the lessons of constancy and change. These are the two everlasting constants of life.


She also teaches us about Power, as the Goddess of the Ocean. She knows both poles of the spectrum, of nurturing and destruction.


We each witness all extremes of life, all levels of our innate Power.


We can destroy, and be destroyed. We can nurture, and be nurtured.

Yemaya shows up to help us navigate these waters.


Through the beauty, and the turbulence.


And she wants you to know that in whatever cycle you find yourself, you are still utterly perfect, completely Divine. You are learning, and growing, and in that lies the depth of your wisdom.


The depth of your sacred waters.


$65.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
  • Ocean Jasper raw cut slab, blue apatite, larimar

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