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Work with Meg one-on-one, individual sessions


A session to uncover your alignment with your Goddess, your Highest Self.  In this session uncover a programmed limiting belief that is operating and likely holding you back from a breakthrough.  You are guided to heal the programmed belief and replace it with a loving behaviour.

$144 USD

In this session, come to understand and heal your Core Shame as a powerful way to step into Self-Love. Your Core Shame is your biggest lie, and without addressing it, you can only making surface changes that don't get to the crux of the matter.  In this session, come to see your Truth; your true beauty, your worth, and the gifts you carry within you.

$144 USD
$55 USD

A visioning session where you are guided through your short and long term visions.  Assess your level of commitment and catch any blindspots that may be holding up your progress forward.

Let's Chat - FREE 20 min 

Let's chat!  Let's meet for virtual tea.

Image by Edz Norton
$2222 USD

Are you looking for something individualized to your needs?  Something more long term so you can see a lasting impact on your patterns, beliefs and mindset?

This is your best option.  


Determined by your needs and desires; consider it a 5-course meal designed just for you.  

*Your initial Discovery Call FREE 


I knew I was holding some deep shame and yet I couldn't quite quit the pattern. With Meg's incredible space holding and nurturing presence I felt a subtle yet very large boulder shift in my field.  I am so deeply grateful to work with Meg Williams and have noticed immediate shifts in my body, business and pleasure.  I felt like I was so seen that I could finally gift myself permission to BE ME!!! Meg's work is priceless and potent AF.

CJ, Alchemical Medicine Woman
New Zealand

Soulful Alignment

Let your Heart guide you in the choice to work with Meg.

Celebrating your YES as a SOUL YES!!! 

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