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Are you ready to step into the full expression of your Goddess?

The Pleasure Priestess is a 6-month program designed to activate your inner Priestess.

 It is for the woman who is called to the sacred work of the Divine Feminine, the woman connected to the powers of the Great Mother (Gaia) as a spiritual healer, teacher, leader, mentor.


The program is designed to support women to re-build their connection to the power of their yoni.  

As a woman, the Creatress of All Life, you may be sitting about asking yourself, "why does it feel like there is MORE for me in life than this?"


Not that you are lacking in any way, just that you are being called to express your MORE, the full expression of you. 

This program brings you into full connection with your natural Power, where you'll see the reflection of your Goddess, by  experiencing MORE in your relationships; with yourself, with others, with your partners, with colleagues, your business, your will see how much MORE abundant life can be, when living in your Power...your pleasure!  

This container is where the Goddess comes to remember the luscious luxury of her inner Queen, how it feels to be witnessed and nurtured in sacred sisterhood of fellow Priestesses.


Is this for me?

You always had an inkling of the depth and power of sex, and felt that your education has completely left you without the wisdom you require to fully embody it alllll


You get excited about what may come up if you lean into the exploration of love, joy, bliss and pleasure in your life


You feel like your own worst critic, and secretly wish you had a Goddess on your side cheering you


You feel like you've been trapped in a broken world, and grapple for a community that gets it


You feel a strong pull and connection to the Goddess; Mary Magdalene, Isis, Aphrodite, Persephone, Mother Mary, etc...

You know how powerful your expansion would be if you had someone giving you full permission and holding you accountable to your pleasure!


Who is this not for?

You're not ready to own your full power


You don't need more out of life


You don't desire the experience of pleasure in all its fullness in all areas of your life 


You're not yet brave enough yet to do the deep work of the Goddess


You're not ready to step into your soul's purpose


You're perfectly content with life and how comfortable it is

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Who you truly are is far greater than who you wish to be. Don't underestimate your POWER, Sister!

The Priestess Mission Statement

This is the path to self-remembrance-- of your inner Priestess, your Queen, and to align with the decadence of the life you came here to live!


This is a client-empowered journey, that weaves together the powerful elements of the journey down this path of the Divine Feminine.  It weaves, into the flow:  the science, the spirituality, and the embodiment of sexuality & pleasure.

In Sacred Sex 101, the program teaches the foundational tenets of The Biology of Sexuality.  By knowing your body you know your Power.

In The Rose Codes, this program is a direct activation of your Pleasure Codes, as channeled by the Ascended Master Mary Magdalene herself.  "Queen, welcome home!"

Plus monthly 1-1 support in Astral Expansion Techniques,

holistic practices to support your growth and expansion.

This is not a form a teaching where you can just stand in sidelines with a notebook in hand, that isn’t going to cut it.  This is the Goddess, and her pleasure practices are experiential, experienced IN THE BODY.  

Through the embodiment a woman becomes the Goddess, the Pleasure Priestess, and she can brag and she can celebrate and she can begin to let go of any patriarchal wounding; competition, judging, shaming.

Walking the path of the Goddess is a quest to bring Truth and Love to the world, and to support the healing, including the challenges, the inner battles, the adventures and the celebrations of the New Earth, Terra Nueva, Terra Nova, Aoteroa that is BEING birthed and created and anchored into this world.  

This program is to move you into connection to your inner Queen while being honoured, witnessed and celebrated.

In this time, create the foundation, the temple, INNER AND OUTER to show up in right relation to YOU, alllllll of you!



"I love, love, love and adore your skills to fully have clarity and structure and fully get to the point of things.  You are amazing at being concise with your information, and what you can see and the wisdom you extract.  Boom.  Straight to the point.  You have a beautiful spiritual ability and vision and insight.  I've just been processing our session from yesterday and I am just like, "faaaaack, that was powerful"."


Meg holds such a divine, ethereal space.  I have had two Breakthrough Sessions with her and both times I have walked away astounded by the insights that came through.  The wisdom was nothing like I had expected and yet it made so much sense and opened up incredible space for me to move forward.  Through her expert guidance I was able to journey and weave my conscious through multiple planes and dimensions in a way I have not ever experienced before.  This helped me to heal and embrace a profound understanding for some very important aspects of self.  This has left me strangely liberated and able to pave a clearer path forward in my business and with my husband.  What I love about Meg's sessions is the feeling of safety and unconditional acceptance.  This has allowed me to delve into topics and intimacies I have not dared to explore previously.  And that is a beautiful thing.  Thank you Meg.


Reflections from Meg's last Transformational Workshop

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 3.28.45 PM.png


Advanced Sacred Sexuality

The Biology of Sexuality, walking you back to your core nature by understanding your biology from a perspective that's likely never been taught..


Activating the Goddess.  Nine Embodiment Practices to 

activate your inner Pleasure Priestess and own your innate pleasure frequency. Fully express the walking, breathing, embodied Pleasure Priestess you have always known you are, but couldn't completely connect to.



Monthly 1-1 holistic support to expand into your full expression.

Astral Weaving Session and other holistic modalities to break beyond limiting beliefs holding you back.

Advanced Sacred Sexuality:
The Sex Ed You Never Had

Module 1:

7 Identifiers of Societal Conditioning

Discover where your beliefs around sexuality have come from.

Module 2:

Exploring All 5 Sexual  Preferences

In a culture that is generally heterosexual, let's explore the 5 sexual preferences so we can better understand the relationships of human nature.

Module 3:

Expand Your Pleasure with your Erogenous Zones

Wondering how you can bring more pleasure into your life, whether with someone or solo?

Module 4:

All About Orgasms

Your belief of orgasms could gravely diminish and limit your experience.  Let's look at the many different types.

Module 5:

The 9 Genital Profiles

How you look down there!  How liberating would it be to KNOW how our anatomy looks is special to understanding our personality and way of loving?

Module 6:

Toys for Pleasure

Toys can feel good, add mystery, entice the senses, and develop intimacy and expand our experience.  How can you find pleasure with toys?

Module 7:

Discover Your Erotic Blueprint

We all have different ways we think about sex.  How can this better help us understand our partners, and ourselves?

3X Monthly 1:1 Astral Weaving Sessions

A psychotherapy-informed holistic practice.  A session to uncover your alignment with your Goddess, your Highest Self.  In this session uncover a programmed limiting belief that is operating and likely holding you back from a breakthrough.  



Module 1: Uncovering Your Beliefs 


Module 2: Sex as a Sacred Practice


Module 3: Sexual Storytelling


Week 4: Astral Weaving Session/1-1 Support


Module 4: Orgasmic Manifestation


Module 5:  Orgasmic Dancing & Anchoring Pleasure through Sensual Touch


Module 6: The Rose Bath


Week 8: Astral Weaving Session/1-1 Support


Module 7: The Blood Bath


Module 8: Trance Dance


Module 9: Vocal Toning


Week 12: Astral Weaving Session/1-1 Support

Image by LUM3N

What Meg's clients are saying:

"I was able to release soooo much shame around my body & my sexual history. Replacing the shame with self-love & deep compassion for myself, and for the versions of me who truly didn’t know how to honor herself at the time."

Hear what one of Meg's clients from THE ROSE CODES has to say:


"I was having a difficult time connecting to anything pleasurable - with my body & my life. I had begun to feel completely hopeless as a woman. I was starting to believe that this whole Goddess thing is for every other woman, but not me. I was pretty much hopeless around connecting to pleasure.


(During The Rose Codes) I received the ability to safely navigate & transform some pretty deep traumatic wounds, which enabled me to feel safe enough to tap into & learn the various ways that my body experiences pleasure tones. I was able to disentangle & transform the false belief structure that I was defective & therefore unworthy of continuing the path of the Goddess/Priestess. Now trusting & knowing that not only am I worthy of those paths, I am uniquely qualified to walk & embody those paths. I was able to release soooo much shame around my body & my sexual history. Replacing the shame with self-love & deep compassion for myself , and for the versions of me who truly didn’t know how to honor herself at the time.


I accomplished my initial goal for joining the Rose Codes journey with Meg. I also received so many beautiful gifts that I could have never dreamt of… goals that my soul had that my human was unaware of. Through journeying the depths of The Rose Codes with Meg - I found & connected with parts of myself that had been hidden & locked away for so many years. My soul feels freer & more liberated than I knew was possible, and I feel so much more connected to my intuition, and it is easier for me to trust myself. As someone with an extensive history in sexual trauma, it was nearly impossible for me to connect with pleasure. Meg helped me learn that not all pleasure has to involve sex, which was liberating AF.


Meg is one of the most incredible souls I have worked with on this level. She provides a safe, peaceful, & expansive space for you to explore, confront, work through, & transform shame, old belief systems, and traumas that are blocking access to your ability to experience & receive pleasure, in all areas of your life. Meg is deeply intuitive & knows how to safely & delicately navigate trauma. If your soul is leading you to work with Meg - I encourage you to honor that calling. I can assure you that she has the medicine you need to access your next level, whether that’s in your personal life, or your business."

Walking the Path of the Goddess is when a woman finds her way home, to her heart, to her soul, to the richness of her pleasure, her Power.

The Divine Feminine is a journey into the infinite space of her yoni, where a woman finds the intimate connection to her source of power, as well as to Spirit--how to access the eternal wisdom of time.

Goddess, doula of the New Earth, stop searching for your Power somewhere out there...the Goddess is YOU.

As Queen,

You are not afraid to ask for what you want

You are magnetic

You love your body and the way it moves

You love how luxurious life is

The more deeply you settle into your body temple, the more the Universe seems to serve and respond to you.


You express yourself with clarity, and break cords to all the old ties and structures that don't serve you

So that you can RISE as your PLEASURE PRIESTESS.

Fulfilling your prophecy of Heaven on Earth.  Here, in this body temple.

Meet Your Teacher

Join expert Meg Williams, certified through Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching, specializing in Sacred Pleasure Practices & activating and aligning clients with the  Divine Feminine Path to live a wholesome life, fully expressing who they came here to be!

A professional teacher of 10 + years, Advanced Yin Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and who integrates Energy Medicine into her teachings of Sacred Sexuality.  You'll find the benefits of her modalities embedded through the embodiment practices within all her programs. 



$4444 USD


$777 USD 

per month


$555 USD 

per month


Do I need to have a partner to do the program?

No, certainly not!  You are your own best lover, and finding inner union first is always the top priority.  This program is meant for you, and supports your own self love, self care and self pleasuring practices.  How it impacts and flows over to all other relationships is the cherry on top.

Is The Pleasure Priestess worth the investment?

Just like everything in life, you get out of the experience what you put in.  You are a sovereign Queen, and you choose what you want to put in.  When you show up fully, choose to commit, do the deep work, shift non-serving belief patterns, get vulnerable, embrace the depths of self-responsibility--you will witness Divine transformations and expansion in your life.

Will The Pleasure Priestess help me with my body issues?

This program is built to establish the foundations of living in your greatest Pleasure, your Queen, your Goddess, your Pleasure Priestess! Body issues are deeply woven into our cultural conditioning and belief systems.  This program will be the best way to heal body issues, because (starting at our very first Module together) we look at Social and Cultural Conditioning that influences our shame, and begin transforming those conditioned patterns through love, compassion, and pleasure! Feel yourself seen, held and witnessed in such deep sisterhood, you do not walk this journey alone.  In addition, your monthly 1-1 sessions will deeply support your breakthroughs beyond body image issues.

I already do a lot of spiritual & energetic work and feel connected to my pleasure; will this be deep enough work for me?

As you well know then, the journey never ends, there is always more to discover!  This program will cover sexuality and pleasure in a way you have never learned or experienced it before.  You will REMEMBER fractals of you that were still laying dormant, you will have deep insights and breakthroughs.  You will uncover awareness that will bring to light your deeper powers to transform guilt and shame to exhilarating freedom.  In this program, you will feel so deeply supported to explore and open to greater realms of YOU.  This will be well worth your journey, this is another opportunity to expand your world!

What is the time commitment?

We meet for 1 hr every week, except the last week of the month which is an integration week.  You also have a 1hr 1-1 session you can book at any time through the month.  There is weekly PlayWork, which you choose how much time to invest into.

I'm LGBTQ+, is this for me?

Everyone is welcome here!  Understanding the truth of sexuality goes beyond gender.  There are energies that flow within all of us, regardless of what gender we identify as.  When we begin to understand these energies, we become more attuned to our inner flow, our energy cycles, the polarities at play--and in turn become subtly adept to find union between these forces.  Here lies our pleasure!  This is a safe space for you to be seen, heard and witnessed--to heal from all the times you were not!

What if I want/need a refund?

When you make the choice to say YES to this program, it comes from a deep SOUL YES!  Often, when we choose to rise in our expansion, our conditioned self can panic, and will try to find ANY way to shrink back and play small.  It's a conditioned response we've learned to protect ourselves, but part of my commitment is to support you through it allll!  The good and the bad Sister, I'm here to hold your Goddess accountable.

This is a 6-month program, a long term commitment to nourish and support you to long term transformation.  There are no refunds available, and you are liable for the remaining payments of the program.  Meg will support you through whatever Breakthrough you find yourself on the verge of should this issue arise in your field during your time in the program.

Will this program support my business growth?

Absolutely! (Even better yet, look at The Pleasure Prophecy, my 1 yr program which is purposely designed to support the evolution of your soul business).  But, this is just the key of this program! Your pleasure is magnetic!  When you are turned on, you are tuned in.  Being connected to your pleasure connects you to your Spirit, which is your direct channel to your inner guidance. Want to know how to be more creative? How to access your inner guidance? Your inner wisdom? How to connect to your spirit guides? Want greater clarity on your life purpose?  This program will guide you there.  Know your body, to know your worth!

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