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Ancient Architecture

The Rose Codes

You are beckoned forward as the torchbearer, to emerge from the dark tunnel of fallen consciousness into the Light.

Begin your journey of
The Rose Codes 


A Call to You, Sister


This is the call from within the line of the Feminine Path; the call to align with your ancient wisdom, passed through the stories told alongside the campfires, among the caravans of people, many lifetimes past.  The true love stories, of grand choices, of communities following the call to reconnect with the heart and soul.  The call to escape a conventional society, and create the one that fulfills the deep knowing of purpose, of expressing a message, of living the vision.  

And this call is the reason you are THIS lifetime, reading these words, right now.


This is for you, Sister who has visions of communities and families that have and are gathered under canvas tents or hand built structures, among meadows, within forests, by rivers and streams, under the stars.

Whose stories have been told by fireside, through the Mystery Schools established over millennia, and buried in sacred scripts.

Only waiting for the right time to resurface.  To be shared to the masses.  So that we, so that YOU, can change the world we in live in.  To change the way we choose to live.

Image by Tom Geerts

Who is this for?

Are you asking yourself, Why am I here? Do you feel trapped in a world. with little fulfillment, feeling like you are stuck expressing false personalities, making shallow connections, like you are wearing a mask through every day of your life? 

Do you feel silenced, unable to voice your Truth, like no one understands you.  

Do you feel like you are surrounded by people wanting to "go back to normal', when normal always felt like isolation, disconnection and BUSY--  a prison you want no part of.

Do you ask, where are MY people?  

This is your Sisterhood.  To be witnessed, to be heard, to express.

The Rose Codes are a Rebirth-- a RENEWAL.  Like you've been lost for eons, and are finally found.  Here your visions are understood, your beliefs are celebrated, and you are free to express the depths of your Being.


Do I need to have a partner?

You do not have to have a partner to manifest your visions through this practice!  You can do this course solo, YOU can practice SELF LOVE, our INNER Beloved always lies with us at our Heart.  

You are your best Lover!

What Purpose do I gain?

This program is for anyone who wants to amplify the Pleasure in their life.  Through orgasm, manifestation, and tapping into your Quantum Connection (through the vehicle of orgasm) you will increase the amount of Pleasure present in ALL areas of your Life.

These three months we explore the Mystery teachings of the Priestess, the Left Hand Path of the Divine Feminine:

Sacred music, ritual, ceremonial living, temple dance, herbal alchemy, sacred anointing, water baptism, lustral ritual, oils, scents, sacred sex scripts, and sexual magic.  


Week 1: Uncovering Your Beliefs 

Week 2: Sex as a Sacred Practice

Week 3: Sacred Sex Scripts

Week 4: Group Women's Circle & Group Expression

Week 5: Orgasmic Manifestation

Week 6:  Orgasmic Dancing & Anchoring Pleasure through Sensual Touch

Week 7: The Rose Bath

Week 8: 1:1 Discovery Session & Uncovering Resistance

Week 9: The Sacred Blood Bath

Week 10: Trance Dance

Week 11: Vocal Toning

Week 12: Group Women's Circle & Expression + Closing Circle


Image by Ev


  I’ve never been in a container like this before.  The absolute level, I can’t even find the words, the level of security I felt coming into this container, especially in an online space, was not like anything I’ve known before. To create something so powerful in this online space.  It’s completely fucking next level.  It’s anchored in, I feel like I’d been at this fork, a bubbling of all things that want to come through me, and I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go.  And this container has really brought that clarity for me.  And that level of safety, the level has majorly increased since this container...There’s so much work going on, and everyone is working so incredibly, with so much power around the world.  I’ve never felt comfortable enough to be in any kind of space, let alone a huge group like this, to be myself.  So thank you.



It’s been a huge movement through the 21 days.  Its been amazing watching everyone unfold, and watching the petals blossom.  It’s just  been incredible, and I thank everyone of the ladies here because its’ allowed that space to feel vulnerable, that its a safe place to crumble and fall and let go and show that emotion.  And from that to rebirth other things that are coming out of it, it’s just beautiful, and having that confidence to then step into a new realm, and that you’re safe to surrender and do so.  It’s been really cool, and massive, and emotional.  But great emotion.  The tears are tears of joy, because you know you are siting through something.  That luxury timeline to sit in something so painful, and enjoy it for what that process is of letting it go.  So many new discoveries of me, and myself, and to be okay to go through these processes, then dance, and know that you’re going to be okay, and like ten fold.  That what’s on the other side is so big, and beautiful.  This is what life is, this is the essence, this what we are here for,  this is our journey.  I’m so grateful for the work you ladies have done to hold this space, it’s been amazing.



This is just a really powerful space.  Those simple concepts you think you have down pact, but then when you get down into it, and allow yourself to feel into safety, it was so next level for me. I realized there was so much more to be explored, but in a really beautiful way.  I’ve never felt so safe in my anger and rage, and it’s been so beautiful and powerful and let it all out, in a really safe way.  ...And to be able to be vulnerable in a space of other really powerful women.  My ego initially felt threatened, but when I broke through, it was just next level.  Where was I not allowing myself to truly love myself.  On the other side, there’s just so much more freedom.  Knowing that I’m always supported, ...and when you are in those deep vulnerable spaces, you realize you are actually supported, I’m actually okay and being held and going to get through it.  I don’t have to turn to distractions.  This is just the foundations, of what we are stepping into.

Ancient Ruins

What to Expect



Over 3 months:

*9 Training Modules


*2 Group Reflection sessions

*1 1-1 Inner Discovery Session

*Self Love Practices to implement

*an Accountability Group to support you through your expansion

*Journaling (written & sketching)--> this is an integral piece of connecting and bringing through your creative connection with Source & Universal Energy


*Opening Activation

*Closing Circle

*Quantum Connection Practice

Aletheia, or “truth,” ...suggests an unveiling. It means “awakening,” literally “coming out of lethe” or the forgetfulness and lethargy in which we live most of the time.

-Jean Yves Leloup

If you feel the call, the quickening of the remembrance, the magnetic energetic pull to return to the ways of our past, that feel like they're calling to be here now.  To realign with your Divinity, to connect to the teachings of Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Inanna, then this is it.

Join me while you rediscover 9 of the Sacred Pleasure Practices passed through transmissions from Mary Magdalene

*Sacred Pleasure

*Sacred Sexuality

*Moon Time - Womb Wisdom

Pre-launch offer 

$2500 USD
(regularly $3800)

3 x monthly payments $900 USD

Desert Nature

Zoe, Massage Therapist
-NB, Canada

"Just saying, this program... has led to deeper more fulfilling conversations and connection with my husband than I've EVER had.  And I'm a DEEP conversation haver in general.  So much gratitude for Meg right now, and all the gracious women (in the group) sharing, witnessing and participating so openly."


Stacey, Entrepreneur
ON, Canada

"Meg is one of the most amazing mentors that I've had the chance to work with. She takes the extra time (even outside the course) to make sure we are doing the work. I am so grateful for Meg coming into my life so randomly. I cannot recommend Meg enough. She is genuine, down to earth and has the ability and strength of a leader. "


-Emma, Artist/Vocalist
United Kingdom

"When Meg came into my life I had been doing deep work for a long time and was reaching a point where I could really use some assistance. I am SO glad that I decided to jump aboard with the (program). It has assisted my growth in unimaginable ways and helped me to fine tune areas I didn't even realise were in need of attention! The sacred sexuality practices have been so beneficial and are aiding me so much on my journey to a more full sense of self love. I would highly recommend Meg's courses "


Corrie, Fruitful Embodiment Coach
New Zealand

"Meg holds such divine sacred space to feel safe, held and witnessed. I loved all the potent truth she bought into my field and found my own journey to be very deep during this container. I'd highly recommend this to any woman and I feel it is something that all women deserve to venture through. Thanks Meg for this juicy delicious journey."

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