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Ignite Your Pleasure Through Sacred Sexuality

Amplifying Pleasure in Your Body, to Witness it Amplified in Your Life


Letter to You, Goddess

You were born of the Divine, as the perfect manifestation of the absolute infinite beauty of the Universe.

This is the reclamation, I AM WORTHY...of it all

Beautiful Woman.  Let me share my journey, so that we may all evolve together.

I first want to share that this program has been created through the delivery and guidance of Mary Magdalene, and Innana; two of our greatest Pleasure Priestesses in time.  This came THROUGH me, I am honoured be the vessel to share this.

I want you to know, that, through my past, I had buried a version of myself.  Through judgment and criticism and the projected beliefs of society, there was a version of me that I believed I had to lock away.

I felt: Shame, Embarrassment, Unworthiness, Regret, Judgment

This past summer, I was presented with a triggering situation.  It could have broke me, but I chose to shift my perspective and ask, "What is this delivering me?"


This is not my world. Life doesn't happen TO me. Life happens FOR me.

I was forced to face Shame, and opened a conversation with my husband about my sexual past.  His gift to me was to reveal that my shame was only mine alone.  This unlocked a level of love between he & I that was never there before.

This ignited my journey into Sacred Sexuality.  What I learned, was that if I were brave enough to return this version of Meg to life, I would be allowing another fractal of me to shine.  The light this version carries is Fun, Playful, Sexy, and Pleasurable.  And, without saying, inviting this version of Meg back to life would potentially bring a lot more pleasure into my relationship with my husband (where and why was she hiding!?1?)...and little did I know, it would amplify the pleasure in my entire life.

This program is developed from the Sacred Practices that have come to me, and which have in so many ways inspired such deep layers of knowing:


As these practices have amplified my self-love, they've amplified the EASE, JOY and PLEASURE in how I get to BE in my body, in the vessel I GET to inhabit for this short time.

And, so, I've come to KNOW


And so are YOU.


This container is an invocation to your guides and ancestors:



  Guides, may you be with me, as guidance and support so that I may transmute the distorted beliefs that have been placed upon me in this lifetime.  Please honour me, and support me to the evolution of my highest good while I expand my beliefs of JOY, WEALTH, PLEASURE, LOVE and WORTHINESS for the ever expanding version of my Highest Self.

I make a promise to myself, Now, to cut ties and disintegrate Shame, Pain, Fear, Judgment that was placed upon me without my absolute knowing.

What to Expect?

Who is this for?

This program is for anyone who is currently practicing a tantric or sacred sex practice with their Beloved. (Something beyond just the orgasm!)


Do I need to have a partner?

You do not have to have a partner to manifest your visions through this practice!  You can do this course solo, YOU can practice SELF LOVE, our INNER Beloved always lies with us at our Heart.


What Purpose do I gain?

This program is for anyone who wants to amplify the Pleasure in their life.  Through orgasm, manifestation, and tapping into your Quantum Connection (through the vehicle of orgasm) you will increase the amount of Pleasure present in ALL areas of your Life.

What energetic transmissions will I gain in the 5 weeks?


~deeper connection to your SELF, and your body

~deeper connection to Source energy

~deeper connection to your Beloved (physical & metaphysical)

~you will tap into and establish a deep connection to YOUR unique creative reservoir

~grander illumination of your Purpose


~recognize intuitive 'hits' with more awareness


~experience deeper UNION in your life and it's Flow

~activation of your absolute WORTHINESS 

Program Outline:

*1 Opening of the Space Ceremony

*1 Group Quantum Connection Practice to open into embodiment 


*Training Module (recording or call)

*Reflection Call

*Self Love Practice to implement

*Personalized Yin Yoga poses; to address any blocks that are released during the program and support their transition out of the body (If required)

*an Accountability Group to support you through your expansion

*Journaling (written & sketching)--> this is an integral piece of connecting and bringing through your creative connection with Source & Universal Energy


*Closing of the Sacred Space (to fully open and close the cycle) And celebrate you beautiful women!!!


WEEK 1          What Blocks our Experience of Pleasure?

WEEK 2          Sexual Storywriting

WEEK 3          Sex as a Sacred Practice

WEEK 4          Sexual Manifestation (Sex as a connection to the

                       Quantum Field)


WEEK 5         Orgasmic Dancing


WEEK 6         Anchoring Pleasure with Sensual Touch

Full commitment to these 6 weeks through Mind, Body, Spirit will truly assist you in shedding and burning away the limited beliefs that have been blocking you from fully expanding into your greatest experience of Pleasure.

Oath of Sacred Space:

This group of women commits to fully support you, hold space for you, and honour you through your transformation and expansion.


This is a safe space, you will be honoured, held and supported


There will be no tolerance for Judgment, criticism or shaming.

Desert Nature

Zoe, Massage Therapist

"Just saying, this program so far has led to deeper more fulfilling conversations and connection with my husband than I've EVER had.  And I'm a DEEP conversation haver in general.  So much gratitude for Meg right now, and all the gracious women (in the group) sharing, witnessing and participating so openly."


Stacey, Entrepreneur

"Meg is one of the most amazing mentors that I've had the chance to work with. She takes the extra time even outside the course to make sure we are doing the work. I am so grateful for Meg coming into my life so randomly. I cannot recommend Meg enough. She is genuine, down to earth and has the ability and strength of a leader. "


-Emma, Artist/Vocalist

"When Meg came into my life I had been doing deep work for a long time and was reaching a point where I could really use some assistance. I am SO glad that I decided to jump aboard with the (program). It has assisted my growth in unimaginable ways and helped me to fine tune areas I didn't even realise were in need of attention! The sacred sexuality practices have been so beneficial and are aiding me so much on my journey to a more full sense of self love. I would highly recommend Meg's courses "


Corrie, Fruitful Embodiment Coach

"Meg holds such divine sacred space to feel safe, held and witnessed. I loved all the potent truth she bought into my field and found my own journey to be very deep during this container. I'd highly recommend this to any woman and I feel it is something that all women deserve to venture through. Thanks Meg for this juicy delicious journey."

I'm All in!!!

I'm ready to start manifesting more Pleasure, Bliss, and Abundance NOW!

Series 2 of WORTHY begins Monday, April 12th

Full Program Value

$555 USD

BUT for a limited time take advantage of the EARLY BIRD offering! (only available until April 8th!)

$333 USD

✨ Sliding Scale Options Below ✨ 

If you believe this course is completely aligned with your desires, path, purpose and growth but are financially impacted by circumstances (ex. Pandemic related work loss, family circumstances, etc...) Please honestly make use of the sliding scale. I desire to make this container as accessible as possible.

*Payment plans also available, please send me an email and I'll forward an invoice ❤️ 


Sliding Scale 1: Purpose


Sliding Scale 2: Community


Sliding Scale 3: Destiny


Send a detailed explanation of how this program would be of benefit to you, and the impact it would have on you to engage in the course.

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