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Knowing our Bodies, Knowing Ourselves

Part of understanding the depths of who we are means also understanding, in depth, the parts of our biology. Especially understanding the parts that work with powerful energy.

We are all the same, and so different. We are equal, but not the same.

In utero, a female and male develop all the same body parts, which come to be organized differently, in a way that from the outside, we can recognize as male or female. The genitals will all have the same foundational elements, however are different by observation. Even in each gender, (and this is widely overlooked) penis' or vaginas differ drastically. There are 9 different genitalia profiles, (which are basically like an astrology reading of your erotic personality, but through your genital anatomy profile, pretty cool). This is incredibly alleviating for a vast number of people who fall into the cultural conditioning that genitalia are supposed to look only 'one way'. This breeds a culture of shame around genitalia. It's one more thing people can come to think is 'wrong' with them—people pay great sums of money for vulva surgeries and penis enhancements.

Everyone’s genitals are the same until 6 weeks gestation—and some teachings say that everyone is actually ‘female’ before the hormones kick in to shift the genital hardware to begin to organize otherwise, but let’s just call it ‘universal’ for today.

With the wash of masculinizing hormones that surges at 6 weeks, the cells shift from it’s universal hardware to penis, scrotum and testicles, the female blastocyst doesn’t respond to the hormones, and goes on to develop into the clitoris, ovaries and labia.

This is our human biological homology. This refers to the characteristics that have the same biological origin, but that have different functions. The same...but different. This means we can look at each sex, and see the homologue of the other sex.

The clitoris is the homologue of the penis. Both organs have highly sensitive heads, and are multi-chambered organs that blood flows to during arousal.

The labia majora and the scrotum are homologues, stretchy tissue that grows it’s divine sacred forest (pubic hair). These organs grow from the same fetal tissue. When you look closely at the scrotum, you’ll see a seam running up the centre (scrotal raphe), which on females is what splits into the labia.

And the female gonads (ovaries) are located inside the woman’s body, unlike the homologue, the testicles, which are in the scrotum.

(Just to name a few)

Both are equivalent, equally magical. They are both the location in which incredible healing energy can be moved through the body, in which incredible energy can open a person to connect with divinity, and both equally powerful in the ways in which men and women can experience immense levels of pleasure.

A women’s yoni (literally translating to sacred space) is a portal to infinite creative potential. The power of feminine energy, is that they are receiving energy, meaning they are gifted life force energy through the giving of masculine energy. As I teach in my programs, through sacred sex practices, a women also becomes the channel to receiving divine downloads from spirit in regards to her capacities in which she can create.

The man, with his lingam (literally translating to wand of light, fucking epic), has the power to open a women to this powerful channel. He literally has the opportunity to raise life force energy up her central energy channel, in a dance with her powerful life force energy, to create a massively epic creation (sometimes life, quite literally, or life in the sense of art, a new project, a business journey, whatever they desire to co-create).

Just as much as they are homologues, you can see why they differ in so many ways also. Very much the reason we are attracted to who we are attracted to, because of the polarity we feel in our energies.

Women have a smaller external genitalia (clitoris) because it is not our function to literally transport DNA from inside one person’s body to someone else’s body. We may glaze over that like we know that’s what sex is…but that’s, again, fucking miraculous people.

And as women, our ovaries are inside our bodies, because we are the ones who are meant to be pregnant, and carry life.

Just as the number of nerve endings differ between the clitoris and the penis, which is just a fact, but in the grand scheme of it all…does it matter? In my personal opinion, that the clitoris has more nerve endings than the penis makes so much sense, because, women as receiving energy, are meant to slip into the experience of ‘being’ through the sensory experience of sex, the more she is present with the senses, the more she aligns to the divine power of the practice. And men, still have a highly sensitive organ, although I’ll never know their sensory experience, it’s unmistakably highly sensitive. We all know how amazing sex feels, the number of nerve endings doesn’t really matter in our individual experience because it’s potent as all heck.

So we have to understand, that although we all came from the same hardware, in our development (in utero) there are many changes that occur to make us different; hormonal changes and functions that serve specific functions.

The vaginal canal has almost no nerve endings, because we birth babies from there. There’s a reason we do not birth babies through the clitoris, just as men would find it excruciating if they were to birth babies through their penis. (Yes, well aware this is genetically impossible, just putting things in perspective)

No one can take that pleasure from us, except for millennia our culture, the societies we live in, have tried. And for many people's experience, society has succeeded. But you can claim that pleasure, and in that, your power back NOW!!!

So, here you find me, sharing this information, working with clients around the world, so that we can come back to the sacred experience of sex, without shame, without judgment, but in celebration.

Celebration of each other, honouring the divine power of men and women, and embodying the practice that bring us into union.

As we step into a conscious evolution in sexuality, our goal is to establish a relationship with sexuality where we can move beyond the duality of Masculine & Feminine, and come to a place of Union, where we transcend gender. When we find union, peace, balance. And this starts within ourselves, celebrating the divinity of both, instead of looking at either/or, and recognize both/and.

If this intrigues you, or straight up blows your mind....come join me in the FB group, Women of Magdalene: Her Pleasure Prophecy, or join me for my free 3-Day workshop this Friday!

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