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The Holy Whore: Keeper of Wisdom

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Are you aligned with the Truth, the sacred awareness and practices of the Holy Whore?

This is your ultimate guide to understanding your Inner Holy Whore! Who is she? Where did she come from? Why you sooo desire and deserve to honour and celebrate her and the sacredness she beholds! Why IS her voice calling to you so deeply NOW!

First, we can gain some clarity by looking at the incredible inversion of meaning that has happened in our modern time.

Today, we are more familiar with whore used as an insult, but in our ancient history it referred to a priestess of the mysteries.

What if the only thing that needs to change in our world is our perspective?

These priestesses held titles like: Whore, Harlot, Harine, Hathor—which meant “the pure and immaculate ones”, they were the wisdom keepers.

The word Hor referred to cave or womb, and the word Harlot meant “womb of Light”, this refers to the awakened womb. The most commonly used word for Mary Magdalene in medieval times was actually the ancient priestess title of harlot.

We can even look at other ascended masters and Goddesses; Innana & Ishtar were both called the 'Harlots of Heaven'. Sophia, the Divine Creatress or Mother of All was called The Whore of Wisdom.

Other titles with their roots from whore:

Hathors (Egypt)

Harine (Babylon)

Horae (Greece)

Houri (Islamic Near East)

Harlot (Babylon/Canaan)

Qadeshas (Akkadia)

Due to the distortion that was imbued upon the language in modern society, many of us come to the belief that we must clear The Goddess, The Priestess, Mary Magdalene (as the penitent prostitute--SELF--from the title.

The truth is...we need to reclaim it! If you are a woman, and you have been hearing the beckoning of your inner whore, your inner Priestess calling you down the Left-Handed Path of the Divine Feminine--part of your calling is to be the VOICE, the channel in which her wisdom and voice can anchor the remembrance of it's true meaning, NOW in this time!

We are here to rebirth the Holy Whore of the Divine Feminine!

So, at what point did sex become so defiling to our nature?

In my journey through recovering my inner sacred priestess, this has been the truth that most resides with my soul:

In 450 AD there was a Pope Gregory. Pope Gregory intentionally removed contents and verses--entire gospels-- from the Bible (ex. Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Philip, Thomas from the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scrolls). His intention was to shift the narrative. So, he tampered with, burned, edited, or destroyed pieces of this sacred text which in turn directly impacted the unification of Masculine and Feminine. It immediately undermined Mary Magdalene as a Teacher, and consequently the capacity for women to take on leadership roles. By revoking the Power and Creative Energy of women, we see the beginning of the marginalization and victimization of women…resulting in the 2000 yrs of subjugation (not to mention the hundreds of years of violence, rape and pillaging that occurred during the Spanish Inquisition and The Holy Crusades.)

Only until very recently, in 1969, the Church corrected Pope Gregory’s mysogynistic indoctrination. However, as you've likely lived, indoctrination runs deep, and conditioning requires re-conditioning…and when it’s on a global scale-- It takes time to reverse.

From here, we see the descent ensue. But I invite to you to choose to focus on the Truth, what you feel in your blood and bones--

The Sacred Temples of Egypt

What we do know, is that before this slippery slope, there were holy prostitutes, or Qadeshas, who were deeply revered in the Egyptian Temples. Only the highest ranked --Kings, Princes, etc---had access to these Sacred Souls. At this time, Kings were not only of the Highest Order, but of the Highest Order because they were the most Spiritual. Their journey was to find greatness by ascending to their Godliness. They would engage in a sacred practice with a Qadesha (another term used) as a means to get closer to their Godliness, a way to connect more deeply with Spirit, or a way to purify their vessel.

These female leaders were known for their oracular nature, their redemptive sexuality, and bestowed the ability to anoint and initiate a man into his spiritual kingship. Their ability to lament so deeply--that upon their return from this shamanic journey (descent into the underworld) upon their return, they found themselves in a more blessed and beautiful world.

These were sexually liberated and independent women, spiritual leaders and secular rulers at times, and they were held in the highest societal esteem. Whore is a title of spiritual sexual power, whispering back to a time when the feminine was revered as the Creatrix. This connects deeply to the roots and teachings I cover in my teachings of Sacred Sexuality, as a way to connect more deeply to spirit and your Power in this lifetime.

In greek mythology, these women who danced were gracing the gift of mellowing the souls of men with their beauty and touch.

The persian Houri, temple prostitutes, are the ones who brought the pleasures of life to humankind--through sacred celebration and reverence to spirit, creation and life itself they taught how to honour the divinity of our humanity!

Here are some examples of Temple Practices that were sacred practices of this time. Please know, these visions were channeled during my own sacred practices, in sharing, I hope they activate a level of remembrance for you.

1) Orgasmic Dance is a practice that combines Orgasmic Manifestation & Trance Dance (all three of these are practices I teach in my programs The Rose Codes & The Pleasure Priestess). The practice is a sacred High Temple practice, and is anchored in sacred sisterhood, the practice of the other witnessing other, and the power of holding shared intentions. By engaging in a very high frequency practice (high level orgasmic manifestation), the energy is amplified through the vortex of multiple sisters engaging in the practice and intentions together. (Just as we see the power of manifestation amplified through group meditation).

2) For Men it was a revered practice to stand in their Sacred Masculine, as Bodyguards of the Priestesses in Temple Practice (ex. Orgasmic Dance). They were honoured and empowered to energetically hold the Sacred Circle for these women. In this particular practice, there was no touching from the bodyguards. They desired to be a witness to this sacred practice, as protector. They desired to be among the powerful energy of the ceremony, among the high frequency energy the women were intentionally cultivating. The desire and healing and connection to their Sacred Masculine was so sensually and salaciously activated in this honoured practice. As an ascended masculine energy, the main focus or desire is to support all women. In a sense, all women become his partner, a goddess whom he desires to protect and provide for. What a honour to have the opportunity to Bodyguard a ceremony of such High Order.

3) Men & Women in Temple, as a prayer, a journey to healing. I was shown that the women would start in prayer on the Left side of the temple, Men would start in prayer on the Right. They would invoke the Gods & Goddesses, and impart intentions and the healing they desired to evoke through the ceremony. They would then move into the healing practices together, which would look like women healing women, men healing women, even groups of men and women healing each other. It was incredibly sacred, looking like massage, caressing, touching-- a full sensory experience or intuitive healing. It was always with the intention of giving the healing a person needed (by listening to their body and energy), or receiving the healing your body needed, and it was founded in Love and Safety.

These were very sacred practices, and only ever practiced in the intention for the greatest good for all.

Let's look at 5 Signs Your Inner Qadesha is calling:

#1: You See Sex as a Healing Tool

#2: You Connect to Spirit Through Sex

#3: You Embrace Erotic & Sensual Practices of the Pleasure Priestess

#4: You Celebrate Your Pleasure

#5: You Consider Yourself Incredibly Open Minded


#1: You See Sex as a Healing Tool

You see the power of sex as no different as the purification we receive from water, meditation, exercise or fasting. You harbour the keen awareness of the energy of sacred sex, with the understanding that when it is practiced with intention, sex will heal. A sacred sex practice will clear blocks & traumas that have been trapped in your body, in your DNA at a cellular level.

#2: You Connect to Spirit Through Sex

You understand that through your practice, you open your connection to Spirit, to the Gods & Goddess'. You understand that Sacred Sex moves beyond just the pleasure of the genitals, that when you engage in this divine practice with intention you can ask for guidance or direction from Spirit. When you open your heart, you open your channel to connect with the Divine. In this way, you can receive visions, communication, and be shown wisdom or guidance to support your growth and expansion in whichever creative endeavours you are focused on. Intentionally tapping into then void of your yoni (sacred space), you tap into the void of the cosmic field.

#3: You Embrace the Erotic & Sensual Practices of the Divine Feminine

You understand the eros of movement. Sacred sex and pleasure is a way in which you feel Spirit move through you. You are called to many of the Divine Feminine or Priestess practices; dance, music, singing, art, metallurgy, herbalism, self pleasure, Moon Wisdom, cycles of the Earth...your intuitive awareness of all the forms in which you have the pleasure to create from. When you give yourself permission to savour the sensual feelings of these practices, you witness your connection to your Power. You witness the emodiment of the Goddess in your Being. Just as the Priestesses were revered in ancient times, the Priestesses and Prophetesses were famous for their sexual oracular vision, with their womb-centric, erotic religion of sensual salvation. This feels like a deep knowing, and total alignment for you.

#4: You Celebrate Your Pleasure

In this way, you are able to embrace your erotic energy, and love sex. You feel liberation, vitality and powerful energy course through your body. You seek self pleasure and pleasure practices with others (when it is in respect to the Power & Intimacy of pleasure--remember moving the experience beyond the genital experience of just pleasure). When you experience you life force energy moving beyond the lingam & yoni, you open yourself to a truly cosmic or spiritual experience to FEEL the pleasure of being with another person, in love and a place of reciprocal respect. Sacred sex is a divine opportunity to know another form of Love, through another's spirit.

#5: You Consider Yourself Incredibly Open Minded

You consider yourself very fringe, or perhaps counter culture. In terms of your sexuality, your sexual profile may embrace all erotic profiles--like a shapeshifter of sorts. You desire a smorgasbord of experience; sensual, energetic, sexual, kinky. This makes you a great partner because it's easy for you to align to others desires, but can have you liable of sacrificing your own desires and needs. Your inner Qadesha is powerful is communicating and recognizing her desires though.

You rarely find yourself defined by labels and instead find yourself rules by morals and ethics--rarely by "rules". You find yourself simply sexual--with an open heart--and you are always open to ways in which you may encounter the gift of knowing love in a new way with someone!


In conclusion:

As we said earlier, there has been a vast distortion that was imbued upon the language in modern society. What has happened, is we have come to a completely inverted understanding of the term.

All we have to do is share the story, share the wisdom, share the TRUTH! We are here to recover a society that's living in lies.

When we hear whore we should recognize we are in the presence of an honorary title of the divine feminine priestess.

In the bible, whoring was referring to people who return to worshipping the ancient goddesses and her ‘holy whore’ oracles. I proudly return to this truth. In all my being, this is my mission in this lifetime, and it is how I support other women to return to their Truth, to their pleasure and their complete expression of the woman they came here to be.

Holy Whore celebrates a woman’s embodiment of an ‘awakened womb—a magical, creative and cosmic kundalini power that creates unity; in self, in relationships and in the world.

If you are a woman, and you have been hearing the beckoning of your inner whore, your inner Priestess calling you down the Left-Handed Path of the Divine Feminine--part of your calling is to be the VOICE, the channel in which her wisdom and voice can anchor the remembrance of it's true meaning, NOW in this time!

We are here to rebirth the Holy Whore of the Divine Feminine!

Holy Whore

I was sent forth from the power,

And I have come to those who reflect upon me.

And I have been found among those who seek after me.

Look upon me, you who reflect upon me,

And you hearers, hear me.

You who are waiting for me,

Take me to yourselves

And do not banish me from your sight…

For I am the first and the last,

I am the honoured one and the scorned one,

I am the whore and the holy one…

I am the silence that is incomprehensible

And the idea whose remembrance is frequent.

I am the voice whose sound is manifold

And the word whose appearance is multiple.

I am the utterance of my name.

-The Thunder, Perfect Mind (Nag Hammadi)


If this really pulls deeply at a soul cord, a soul knowing, I'd love to connect with you. Perhaps you wonder HOW can I step into this purpose, more into alignment with your Truth. This is exactly what my programs are structured to do, to serve women in their journey home. To support women who are ready to step into the divine role of restoring pleasure to humanity!

Or head to this link for a full training session I recently hosted in my free fb group, Sacred Sexuality where I discussed this in depth:

Recommended books that were sourced for this article:

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