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Presented by Meg Williams,
Sacred Pleasure & Embodiment Teacher

I am a powerful Pleasure Priestess who once lived in her masculine, bound to production, striving, and overworking, constantly burning both ends of the candle. For 11 years, I served as an elementary teacher, knowing deep down that I was a Teacher at heart. However, life had other plans for me. Miscarriage, pregnancy, birth complications, and reproductive health issues that this lifestyle was exacerbating then led me to uncover the Pleasure Priestess within.


Once told I might never conceive another child, I embarked on a journey of intuitive healing that revealed my sensual self through Sacred Sexuality. This spiritual (but not religious) path connected me to Mary Magdalene, and during my own healing, I navigated deep embodiment practices and began channeling vivid erotic temple practices from Mary Magdalene. These became my first course, teaching me that you don't ignore your guides (that's how you stear far off course) and that you never know how unless you try.


Over the past four years, I have completed my own PhD of Pleasure Priestess & Pleasure Coaching journey, particularly through my potent work with Regena Thomashauer and the New York School of Womanly Arts. This journey has transformed my life and business, allowing me to build a $6K per year business to $50K+ per month using my Erotic Leadership Method.


Now, I invite you to learn from the radically expansive years of experience I've gained, literally learning to make the impossible possible. Reap the wisdom I've accumulated from walking the path, and from over 100 K of investments in the best mentorship and teachers, and join me in taking your business to the juiciest heights. This method has radically and successfully transformed my business, and it can do the same for you.


Unleash your inner powerhouse at my 90-min Sexy CEO event—where fierce ambition meets unapologetic pleasure.


Dive deep into transformative sessions, ignite your business with feminine magnetism, and connect with a tribe of empowered women ready to conquer and thrive.


Ready to elevate your CEO game and radiate sexy confidence? Join us!

Why my CEO method is so effect, is that it radically redefines the way we look at CEO!

In my world, CEO = Creative Energetic Orgasms, what I cultivate as the life force of my business...and what is the same for yours.  How? Because when you harness the power of your pleasure, you tap into an endless well of creativity and energy that fuels your success.

Your orgasms, and pleasure, become the sacred spark that ignites innovation, passion, and unstoppable momentum in your business.

Step into your power, embrace your pleasure with me, and watch as your business thrives like never before.

Monday, July 8th at 2 PM EST

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